Business Blogging…Did You Know?

Did You Know a Business Blog Can–? Increase Exposure for your business Reach more clients/customers Gives your clients/customers added value Here are 10 reasons every business needs a blog. 1. As a service for your clients/customers- By providing your clients/customers with information they want or need they perceive that your adding value to your product … Read more

Why I Don’t Use MySpace for My Business

One of the most popular services I provide is assistance with social media marketing.  Would it shock you to know that I don’t have a business presence on MySpace? Well I don’t. Social Media Marketing is the latest installment of online marketing. With the hype surrounding Twitter, businesses are now flocking to social media sites … Read more

$60,000 a year to Tweet?

listening to the weekly podcast “Word on the Tweet“, a show that focuses solely on all things Twitter, the Multnomah County, Oregon Social Media Coordinator Position was one of the topics of conversation.  If you’re not familiar, Multnomah County is looking to hire someone to use social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, which may … Read more

Can Potential Clients Find You?

According to World Internet Usage Statistics (2008) 74.4% of North Americans are using the Internet. That’s over two hundred million people, and studies show that the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives. When someone needs information or assistance with something, chances are they are going to turn to an Internet … Read more

Teach to Reach, Using Education Marketing

(You can Listen to the Podcast for this post by scrolling to the end of the post.) When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s a wise old adage isn’t it?  If you look back at history, during some of the roughest times, people have made some of the most spectacular successes. I … Read more