What Can You Learn about Social Media from a Meteorologist? A Lot. My Interview with Brad Panovich (@WxBrad)

Is social media right for everyone? Can Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. make an impact no matter who/what you are? Example: has it changed the way meteorologists perform their jobs? Probably something you’ve thought very little about until now; most of us probably take for granted how we receive information about our weather. The answer, of course, … Read more

The Mini Story- The Future of Advertising?

I’m currently reading The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. I actually should have had it finished at least a month ago, since I was one of the lucky ones to get an advance copy.  I guess I’m way too connected to my Kindle (and Kindle app for iPhone) for reading, because the fact that this one is paper pages means it never seems to be with me when I have time to read. But this post isn’t about my failure to finish a really great business book in a timely manner. It is about something I learned in its pages and the fact that Wham! I saw proof that they know of which they write.

And that proof came from a very unexpected place.

My guilty pleasure, the television show Revenge. Well, not the show itself, but the advertising during the most recent episode. Let me back up a little and share a little excerpt from The Impact Equation that I have marked with a little yellow post-it note.

“This is why platform is important–it is not a diversion from the audience’s interest. Those who care about cars will focus on the car channel and ignore the hype in between. Those who enjoy the fashion channel will, likewise, ignore the advertising between pieces of content, with one exception: If the focus of the advertising matters to them too, then the hype has a chance.But in most cases advertising fails, and besides, platform is more effective, is more profitable, and works better over the long term and finally, you have more control over it.”#

The emphasis in the above quote is mine because it’s important to what I want to discuss here. The book points out more than once that we are changing. The way we get our information is changing. The way we do work is changing. The way we make purchases is changing.  Yet the majority of businesses are failing to keep up with those changes. Particularly in the way they approach selling what they have to offer.

They are still clinging to the same old practices that worked when the family gathered around the TV to watch together. Now half of us are watching on iPads, while the remainder are either setting their DVR’s, catching it on Hulu or watching our own favorite show away from the rest of the family on our own TV or laptop. We fast forward through the commercials or use them to go grab another glass of wine. We don’t even sit through the Superbowl commercials anymore, choosing instead to watch them on YouTube. All of those advertising dollars might as well be flushed down the drain as their targets take a potty break. No one seems to be aware that change is in the air. Or at least that’s the way it appeared until I watched Revenge tonight. (Yes, on Hulu.)

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Google+, Is it Worth the Effort?

Google+ vs Facebook? I’m currently in the process of creating a Learning Module on social media for Virtual Assistant Survival School, so the infographic to the left immediately grabbed my attention yesterday. On a quick glance, the numbers and statistics might cause you to wonder if hanging out on Google+ is worth your time. Before you abandon your Circles take a … Read more

Yes, Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a big fan of Twitter. (Done the right way.) And although I myself sort of dragged my heels at first, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to social media for business, a Facebook Page is a necessity.

The problem is, many small businesses are overwhelmed by social media and find the Facebook Page a bit confusing.  Not to mention they aren’t quite sure how to use it.  So rather than deal with it, they throw their hands in the air and say “Bah! Facebook is the devil.”  Enter this post.

Below are a few simple tips and hints to help you utilize the power of Facebook for your biz.

Profiles vs Pages:  The most confusing thing about Facebook just may be the whole Profile/Page confusion.  First, your profile is what you get when you sign up for Facebook. It’s personal, all about you, not your business.  So basically, your Facebook profile is your base “account’.

Pages are something that you can add to your ‘account’.  A Page is totally separate from your profile pages and wall. Items posted to your personal wall do not show up on your Page and vice versa (unless you choose to share them there).  Your personal friends do not get added to your Pages, they must ‘Like’ them like anyone else.

Types of Pages:  Facebook has several categories for Pages.  The choices are:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

So you can build a page for your business and/or for your new bestseller or product.  As you can see, you could easily end up having several pages for different reasons.

What Do You Do There?  A Facebook Page is all about creating a community of people who like your business or product.  Ask yourself, “What do I want to share with my community about my business?”  Perhaps you want to announce book signings or public appearances. Or you could share news about what’s going on at your biz, including new projects, faces, products or services.  Does your community have questions about your business?  Let them ask on the page and provide answers for them.  Of course, you don’t have to limit it to just one of those options, you can combine several or all of them.   And don’t forget, if you have a blog you can connect it to your page so that new posts are announced on the Page wall.

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What You Can Learn from @Charter about Social Media

As a Virtual Online Technology Assistant and a small business owner who has had a good deal of success using social media I’m often asked by others about how to use social media successfully for their own businesses.  Often I feel I have disappointed them when I explain why I feel social media has worked … Read more

Business Lesson of the Week: Standing out in the Crowd

Disclaimer: I know that I use virtual professionals (virtual assistants, virtual paralegals, etc.) as an example in a lot of my posts, like the one yesterday for example.  But to be honest, most of my posts, e-books and coaching materials apply to any small or micro-business providing services. I just happen to have the inside scoop on my own industry, and like most people, I write what I know.  So for my readers that aren’t virtual professionals, just replace that term with your own industry, because trust me, it applies there too.


notlikeothersYesterday I published a post about some pretty sucky websites that I’d observed during a web search for virtual professionals.  I’m sure a cry went up from tons of people with free or template driven websites defending their choice. And I know of at least one person that complained that my website was, in their own words and spelling:

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