intro packet revisited

Re-Visited: The Intro Packet

Seven years ago, I wrote the post “Let Me Introduce… My Business, with an Intro Packet”. In it I discussed the difficulty of giving people a clear picture of what your business can provide in a short period of time and how an intro packet could help.  A lot has changed in seven years.  The … Read more

Remote Work Options Can Be Your Plan B

Adopting Remote Work Options for Businesses

In November of 2017 I launched a program for local businesses to help them adopt remote work options for their office staff.  Living in Maine, when winter weather hits it can have a huge impact on office productivity. Winter weather, school cancellations and sick children can leave the office looking like a ghost town.  It … Read more

Online collaboration tool Dropbox Paper

Another Reason to Love Dropbox. Paper!

Until recently, I really hadn’t given much thought to an online collaboration tool. I’ve used Slack a few times and I’ve tested various online project management apps, but they all seemed like overkill for my little business. Dropbox just changed my mind. For the past 11 years I’ve slowly transitioned from storing files on my … Read more

Taking a Political Stand as a Business

Last week I published a post asking what happens if we allow personal convictions to spill over into our businesses. A few people admitted to wondering the same thing, but I didn’t get the conversation with other small and micro business owners I was hoping to get. (psst.. head over to the Facebook Page if … Read more