abnormal fear of or anxiety about the effects of advanced technology.

In today’s high tech world you’d think that technophobia would be a thing of the past wouldn’t you? Doesn’t every business have a website and e-mail? The majority of them do, but I bet you’d be surprised at how many businesses aren’t utilizing current technology to it’s fullest potential. Overcoming the technophobia in the workplace isn’t always easy. Fear is a powerful thing. 

On what am I basing my statement above? 

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Would anyone like coffee?

Welcome to the Conference Table. Well, officially it’s the Clerical Advantage Virtual Assistance (CAVA, for short) Conference Table. No matter what you want to call it, it’s the place to gather round and learn. Consider this the virtual equivalent to those weekly meetings around the conference table in a ‘brick and mortar’ business.  And although the … Read more