Pretty Planning

There are endless reasons why someone might choose paper over digital planning. Maybe one of the most appealing reasons, though, is because of a new trend that’s on the rise. This trend involves turning paper planning into almost pieces of art. If you are an artist, (or maybe you’re not but you like to dabble in arts and … Read more

Surprise! Your Customer Service Ain’t All That.

A recent article on Small Business Trends explains that although you may believe you and your business are providing excellent customer service, chances are your customers/clients aren’t exactly on the same page. In fact, when founder Mike Blumenthal conducted a survey, although business owners themselves believed that 75% of customers were experiencing excellent customer service, … Read more

affordable rates truth

The Truth About Setting Affordable Rates

If I had a dime for every time someone complained that people won’t pay their rates, I’d be rich. Well, not rich exactly, but I’d have a few bucks for Starbucks instead of Dunkin’ Donuts.  What do I tell them? I tell them it’s because they are focusing on the money. Never, ever focus on the … Read more

The Powerful Business Secret That Can Change Your Life

[There will be an accompanying video for this post on the Clerical Advantage Facebook Page. ] When you look at your business to-do list what does the little voice in your head say?  Does it go down through the list and point out the things that you can’t get done today?  Are there excuses running … Read more

Five Things Technophobes Fail to Understand

It’s been awhile since I talked about technophobes. You know, those business people who hate the Internet and refuse to adopt anything for their businesses more advanced than the Yellow Pages?  Ok, so maybe they’ll get really wild and crazy and start a Facebook Page.  I bet you know at least one business owner like … Read more